Malton Berhad is committed to driving responsible and sustainable business practices throughout its organisation.

As a lifestyle property developer, we create economic value, integrate social and governance considerations across our businesses while delivering quality products to customers. At the same time, we are mindful of our role in preserving the environment by minimising environmental impacts of our developments while enhancing the well-being of all communities including the disadvantaged groups we operate in.

Our priority has always been to strike the best balance in ensuring a comfortable and quality living amidst a well-preserved and natural environment. Not only will we extend the green features into our building architecture to complement the surrounding nature, but we will also enhance the Taman Rimba Kiara park to make it more pleasant for the benefit of the park users and surrounding community.


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Taman Rimba Kiara Park Enhancement
Affordable Housing for TTDI Longhouse Settlers


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Malton Is Committed To Sustainable Development And Well-Being Of The Community Without Encroaching Into Taman Rimba Kiara Park
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The original Taman Rimba Kiara project was slated to be a 12-acre mixed-development comprising 1 block of affordable apartment or Rumah Mampu Milik Wilayah Persekutuan (RUMAWIP) for the Bukit Kiara longhouse settlers (TTDI longhouse settlers) and 8 blocks of serviced apartment. The 13 acres land of Taman Rimba Kiara Park is untouched and preserved for park users.

However, through a revised proposal from the Minister of Federal Territories, Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan and Memang Perkasa Sdn Bhd have compromised and agreed to scale down the mixed-development from 12-acre to 8-acre land and to contribute 33% of privately owned land measuring 4 acres to the community. Hence, preserving a larger area alongside the untouched Taman Rimba Kiara park totalling 17-acre for park users now compared to the earlier 13-acre land.

Besides that, the scale and density of the high-rise development is now reduced by 50% to just 4 blocks from the initial 8 blocks proposed for the serviced apartment.

Yes, a Development Order was issued for the 12 acres mixed-development. The process of land alienation involving 12 acres land from an open space at Taman Rimba Kiara was carried out and approved in 2012. The development joint-venture between the developer Memang Perkasa Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Malton Berhad (Malton), and the land owner Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan was inked in 2014. The Master Resettlement Agreement between Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan and Bukit Kiara longhouse settlers was signed in 2015. Subsequently, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur approved and issued a Development Order for the 12 acres mixed-development in 2017.
In response to the revised proposal from the Federal Territories Minister, we have compromised to scale down the size of the development by 50% and to contribute the 4 acres of privately owned land to the community, so that park users will have access to a larger area and Taman Rimba Kiara park totalling 17 acres now instead of the earlier 13 acres.

While we compromised on the smaller scale of development and revenue, Memang Perkasa and Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan will continue to bear the construction cost of the affordable apartment for Bukit Kiara longhouse settlers including the land premiums for temple besides housing.

The 50% scaled down development would comprise four blocks of 41- to 45-storey serviced apartment encompassing 1,082 units and a 17-storey block of 204 affordable housing units for the Bukit Kiara longhouse settlers, compared to the original plan of eight blocks of 42- to 54-storey serviced apartment encompassing 2,277 units and a 29-storey block of 350 affordable housing units.

The scaled-down development will NOT encroach into the existing large green park, jogging track and beautiful pond, thus public at large will continue to enjoy the beautiful park they love.

No Item Original Plan Revised Plan Percentage
1 Land for mixed-development (acres) 12 8 < 33%
2 Taman Rimba Kiara Park + area (acres) 13 17 > 31%
3 Serviced apartment (number of blocks) 8 4 < 50%
4 Serviced apartment (number of units) 2,277 1,082 < 48%
After hearing the objections and concerns from relevant stakeholders, namely the Bukit Kiara longhouse settlers, Resident Association of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan and Memang Perkasa, the Federal Territories Minister has proposed a win-win solution for all parties while ensuring a swift delivery of affordable housing to the longhouse settlers who have been deprived of permanent housing for over 37 years as entailed in the binding Master Resettlement Agreement.

Our priority has always been to strike the right balance or harmony between economic, environmental and social necessities for a sustainable development.

In the meantime, we are particularly mindful of our role in creating a harmonious development in the communities we operate in, while enhancing the well-being of individuals. In the spirit of goodwill and give-and-take, Memang Perkasa and Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan agreed to compromise and scale down the size of mixed-development to 8 acres from the earlier approved 12 acres land. Not just that, Developer will contribute the 4 acres of privately owned land to the community alongside the 13-acre Taman Rimba Kiara park, thus preserving a larger area and park now totaling 17 acres instead of the earlier 13 acres for the benefit and harmony of the surrounding community.

Under the Master Resettlement Agreement signed between Bukit Kiara longhouse settlers and Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan in 2015, the first generation of Bukit Kiara rubber estate workers, namely the rightful owner will be given one unit of 850 sq ft apartment or RUMAWIP for free. Another 100 units of apartment will be allocated for the second generation, mainly to the person nominated by the first generation to purchase at a 50% discounted rate per unit. 

And the longhouse settlers’ rights remain protected as promised in the Master Resettlement Agreement under the revised scaled-down plan on 8-acre land. RUMAWIP will continue to be built on the same proposed site of 1-acre land while the existing Sri Maha Mariamman temple will remain on the existing 0.3-acre land assigned to it. On top of that, Developer has allocated an additional land of 0.39-acre for the existing temple, hence giving a bigger land size totalling 0.69 acre for the benefit of the temple devotees. A separate document of title will also be issued to the temple. Despite a smaller scale of development, Memang Perkasa will continue to cross-subsidise the construction and land cost of affordable apartment including the land cost of the temple.

The proposed affordable housing will transform and provide a better quality of life to Bukit Kiara longhouse settlers in various ways :

  • Spacious & Comfortable – Designed by Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan, each apartment or RUMAWIP unit size is 850 sq ft featuring 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom compared to current size of longhouse 450-600 sq ft per unit.
  • Better Community Facilities – Multipurpose hall, Kindergarden, Convenience store, Laundry shop, Management office, Surau, Reading room, Podium area and Open green space.
  • Multi-storey Car Park – A total of 226 Car parks and Motorcycle bays will be built for longhouse residents and visitors under the multi-storey and covered parking bays.
  • Temple – Bigger land allocation for the existing Sri Maha Mariamman temple measuring 0.69-acre and a separate document of title to be issued for the temple ensuring its interest is well protected. 
This mixed-development will benefit the communities in terms of social, economic and sustainable development.

  • Bukit Kiara longhouse settlers – Quality of lives or well–being will be improved as they will get new and spacious affordable apartment units measuring 850 sq ft per unit complete with better Community Facilities compared to their current inadequate and smaller longhouse size ranging from 450–600 sq ft per unit. They have been living in these temporary and dilapidated homes for more than 37 years since their relocation in 1982.
  • Public & Surrounding Community – Park users and TTDI residents will benefit from better upkeep and enhancement of the park.
  • Sustainable development – High levels of thoughts have gone into the planning and execution of this urban development to ensure the design of the building is in harmony with nature and public spaces. Focusing on green internally and externally, the new building façade will complement well with the existing Taman Rimba Kiara park, thereby enhancing the quality of surroundings within this green enclave.

Memang Perkasa will only build within the designated development area as approved in the Development Order and will not encroach into the existing park. In addition, the Taman Rimba Kiara park will be enhanced or upgraded to make it more pleasant for the park users and community. Our Landscape consultant is assisting us to identify areas for park improvement.

In the meantime, public will continue to have access to the adjacent large forest reserve park, Taman Persekutuan Bukit Kiara, measuring approximately 350 acres with many plant and animal species preserved in their natural habitat.

Park users and surrounding community will benefit from better upkeep and enhancement of Taman Rimba Kiara Park through several initiatives by the Developer. The landscape consultant has identified some areas within Taman Rimba Kiara Park site that can be improved which include:

  • Installing additional lightings to create a safer park environment
  • Installing new playground equipment for children
  • Replacing broken park benches
  • Resurfacing the jogging track
  • Reinforcing the perimeter fencing
  • Improving current accessibility to the park

This is just a preliminary plan for Taman Rimba Park enhancement with more to follow to benefit the surrounding community and park users…

The completion period for affordable housing and 2 phases of serviced apartment is 3 years and 8 years respectively.
Our project team had conducted a feasibility study by taking into relevant factors to determine the viability of this alternative proposal. However the proposal is not attainable for several reasons.

  1. Breach of Master Resettlement Agreement (MRA) – Under this proposal, Bukit Kiara longhouse settlers will have to relocate and move out from their existing longhouses to another temporary homes at a different location for a duration of 3 years during the construction of the affordable apartment (RUMAWIP). And the relocation of longhouse settlers is in breach of the legally binding MRA which clearly stipulates and protects longhouse settlers’ rights against any relocation during the construction period until the affordable apartment or RUMAWIP is completed. In addition to the breach of contract, the relocation will involve extra expenditure in which the cross-subsidy system is no longer viable under this proposal.
  2. Cross-subsidy system no longer viable – The economies of scale cannot be achieved under this proposal as the Developer has to bear a much higher land cost now resulting in a drastic decline in revenue; cutting down the land size from the original 12 acres to just 4 acres, besides reducing the scale of development by 50% from the initial 8 blocks of serviced apartment to just 4 blocks on 8 acres land. By confining the entire mixed-development; 4-block of serviced apartment, 1-block of affordable apartment (RUMAWIP), temple, community facilities and open space to the existing 4 acres footprint of commercial land title, this project is no longer feasible in terms of financial viability and land usage.

    The drastic decline in revenue impairs the cross-subsidy system, thus Developer can’t afford to subsidise the construction cost of affordable apartment, the expensive land cost for housing and temple, not to mention the additional cost for relocating the longhouses under this proposal. At the same time, the cross-subsidy for the affordable housing is shouldered by buyers of the serviced apartment, inevitably, the property prices will be pushed much higher while Developer is struggling to squeeze its revenue in the effort to stabilise property prices in tandem with the government’s effort.

For any enquiry please email TRK@malton.com.my